Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whiskers on Kittens

So, I decided to combine my newest decision with a little link-up...

Girl Between the Lines Link up

I've decided I can't look at myself anymore. I'm over feeling so gross and looking in the mirror and wanting to vomit. Seriously. It's about that time of year that I get super serious about losing's like New Year's Resolutions all over again. Only by mid-February I'm really serious. I got enough time to think about it, and now I'm for serious. 

The deal here is to give you a few of my favorite things on Pinterest, as of late. And while whiskers on kittens is one of my favorite things see what I did there? I didn't pin it. 

Buckle your seat belts people, here we go. 
Doing it. 

So, I have basically been stalking Fal on her blog and IG. She is so need to go check her out. Because of her massive inspiration, I decided to ask her for help. I needed cheap Paleo meals. But all I have is a regular old grocery store. She gave me the best advice!! Look up recipes, and find things you can make and can buy. So, I did just that. I give you chicken fajitas. What's the best ever is this is all stuff I love, so it won't be  hard. Except lack of grains. I might die. Except I'm real determined. 

I printed this just for a reference. 

I need to get my booty not only in gear, but in shape. It's gross looking.  

And we can't get outta here without a quote. WOOT! 

*None of these are my creation...they are all from Pinterest. 

And now, ANOTHER link-up! I'm getting cray!!!

Cheers not Jeers
I really really love this idea! And what better way to give out some love. So, here are another two bloggers I'm loving. 

I already mention Fal, above. She is just such an inspiration. She blogs about her faith journey, her love of Disney and life. She's amazing! 

Anddd Kathy over at Vodka and Soda. She is HILARIOUS!!!! I'm constantly checking my bloglovin' feed to see if she posted. And if I'm having a bad day, this lady is here with her bluntness that I'm just dying for. Quite simply I adore her and I want to be best friends in real life...except she doesn't know that, nor does she know I stalk her on the daily...major creep status! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life is Better With Accessories

Okay party people. Here's the dealio. We all know we need some accessories once in awhile. We also need to #treatyoself like, on the daily. 

So, I signed up to host a trunk show with my bloggy friend Bella, at Stella & Dot I emailed the shizzzz out of people last night and flooded your inbox with this, but it's legit! Pleeeeasse come to the party! 

It's going live today! There are tonnnnssss of great things. I pretty much want everything on the website, but I was trying to be cool and only pick like ten. 

So, here's the dealio word of the day burger. 

Come mingle, catch up with old friends (or meet some new ones), relax and shop for the latest styles from Stella & Dot. Our personal Stylist, Bellawill be available to let you browse with some style options for the season. Can't wait to see the collection? Take a Sneak Peek now!

am looking forward to joining me for my virtual show! Feel free to bring a friend - the more the merrier! Even if you just want to come look, I'm fine with that. 

If you need more information, just let me know by commenting, e-mailing, instagraming, whateves!  I'll be home all day, we have yet another snow day.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Another holiday is officially here! Which means, it's almost my birthday! HOLLLLEERRRRRR!! Except not really. I'm turning 23--and every year I freak out a little because I'm getting older. But this year. This year. I'm kinda really freaking out. Mostly because a lot of really cool stuff is about to happen in my little 'ole life. But that's another story for another day. 

The real story is that I was paired up with a real gem for my Bloggy Valentine's Day Box Swap. 
 photo ValentinesDayBoxSwapButton_zps3453c6dc.jpg

Seriously this women is a dime. In every sense. Mandee is so sweet, talented, and beautiful and you should really go read her blog, Life, Chaos and Quotes

She sent me the most adorable box, filled with lots of cute goodies. And I'm going to be real honest here, I'm saving most of it for my classroom and new apartment next year. I don't want college Katie to ruin all this beautiful work! 

So here we go! 

Now, my horrible lighting and iPhone picture doesn't do it justice. Here we have a cute packet of Valentine's M&Ms, really beautiful coasters, cute flower magnets, really adorable pink polka-dotted clothes pins and a really really cute Valentine's garland that reads "LOVE" that I'm so excited to put in my classroom next year. I might even display it all year! I'm kinda obsessed! Thanks Mandee! You're a real peach and I'm so glad to have had the the chance to get to know you. 

As promised by my dearest Samantha yesterday, I will link up her song with Whitney to #backthatazzup're welcome Samantha. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014


One of my biggest fans and followers is my best friend. We've been running around like hoodlums and dominating the world with our extreme amount of awesomeness and mad amounts of giggles, fights and crazy stories since we were five. Yeah. Eighteen years. Now that makes ya feel real old. So, I ask her to write a guest post. Actually, I think she mentioned something about it, I can't remember...sometimes I think our brains just turn into one. It's weird. So without further adieu, Samantha. 

The following blog was not written by the beautiful and hilariously sarcastic twenty-something hipster known as Katie… the following text is brought to you by her friend Sam. I hope I can do her wonderful blog justice.

“Let’s talk about teeth.”
This was a very common phrase between Katie and I growing up. Don’t ask me why, but our bus rides were often filled with strange conversations like this. I can’t remember what brought the topic up the first time (do you remember Katie?), but I can tell you we bonded over our dire need and many visits of orthodontic work over the years. If it wasn’t for orthodontists I strongly believe Katie and I would still be in our awkward stages (which were already abnormally long…)

Let’s start at the beginning (Katie might hate me for this )…

As you can see we were real beauts. We both had massive beaver buck teeth.. You can’t see mine well at all, but I promise you it was one heck of a snaggletooth. I had teeth going every which way, overlapping, overbite, gaps,… you name it. I am surprised I didn’t scare small children and puppies really…
(We also had really awesome Halloween costumes.. put together by MommaDog (Katie’s mom) just to go over to Granny & Papa’s house (next door.. a two minute walk ha!))

We also really liked the slick back hair look – obviously part of our awkward stage.

So throughout the many years of orthodontics (5 maybe?.. I just know it was too long) we sufferered through spacers, expanders, braces, POWERCHAINS (the worst!), retainers, and headgear (yes, you read right... I said headgear, but only I had to put up with that one)… I guess Katie put up with it by association.. so thanks for sticking by me pal!

So as soon as I said headgear, did you picture this?

I thought so, well it wasn’t as glamorous, but she did get the concept pretty spot-on. If I had a pic I would share, but those are few and far between... and at my parents’ house. Imagine a denim strap around my head connecting to a piece of wire stabbing into my mouth...I wore it 24/7, which included school..  this one time…at Space Camp (that is a whole other blog, but no mocking, it was awesome) a kid came up to me and asked ..”Hey, aren’t you the Star Trek girl?” …lovely. Hahaha It’s hilarious now. You can laugh, it’s ok.

So long story short, Katie and I have mouths that are worth a lot of money. Thank you to our parents and the orthodontists for giving us beautiful smiles.

I want to give a quick SHOUT OUT! to the one and only Katie. We have continued to be great friends for 18 years now. I’m not sure what I would do without her, I think she is one person that knows me better than myself. Thanks for being awesome Katie, here is to many more years of a crazy, amaze-balls, hilarious, act-like-little kids-again friendship.
Why does Peter Pan always fly?
…………………He neverlands!!:)


P.S. >>>>>>BONUS PIC (in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (or should I say Galentine’s Day?).. here is a picture of us at our 7th Grade Valentine’s Day dance together… including one half of a penciled in eyebrow, I will let you guess which one)
I am not sure how the whole link-up shtuff works… but I have recently discovered The Civil Wars. And they are wonderful. Check back tomorrow, when Katie does her thing but picks my song for the link-up thing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am all about the change lately. I just want to rearrange everything, come up with new routines in my day, anything. I'm all for it. I think it's time for a big change in my life...oh wait...I graduate in May...I think that will suffice. Or maybe it's my unconscious way of preparing for this "big change". Who knows, now I'm just rambling. 

This week, I'm trying out something new in the blogland. 

Cheers not Jeers
The rules are to admit the blogs that we basically swoon over. For me, that's difficult. I swoon so hard over so many blogs, that it's a little bit sick. So this week, I'm going to pick two. 

1. The Rachael Way--I just found this pretty girl's blog about a month ago. But when I read it I feel like I've known her for ages. She speaks the truth and is a beautiful person inside and out. 

2. Hey Kai--Another pretty one....why are all the bloggers so beautiful?! AH! Anyway, Kai is fantastic! She is so sweet, kind, funny. She was my first bloggy friend and I couldn't be happier about that. She recently had a blog re-do (and it looks phenomenal!) and is becoming a big girl blogger faster than I can say....well anything really. 

And that's it for me. Check these ladies out! They're wonderfully wonderful! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

About Being Kind

Hello darling! Yes, I'm still on the Breakfast at Tiffany's kick. Audrey Hepburn is just so....wonderfully fantastic? I don't even know if those words are enough.

Imagine that, I strayed away from what I really wanted to talk about. 

I'll start over. 

Hello darling! Remember last week when I pitched a bitch about people not being considerate when I was scraping a tonnn of snow off of my car with my arm? You DON'T?!?! Well, here. So many of you sent me your kind words. And it reminded me that people do care. That there are still kind people out there. 

Sometimes we forget that. 

Yesterday, I was reminded again.

I don't know about where you are, but here it is sooo cold. My car doors are frozen shut, there is ice on the inside of my windshield &&& the outside. So, I'm waiting for my car to defrost, and I get out with my i.d and being scraping a little hole for a window in the ice. 

POOF. My man-like fairy godmother appears. I've seen him around campus (he has a coat like Macklemore from Thriftshop--the big fur--he's top notch) says "You need some help?" I seriously buckled at the knees from the about of kindness and concern in his voice. 

I certainly did NOT turn down some help. He scraped my windows FOR me. And then got back into his car and it wasn't a big deal. That's kindness. 

Where has this gone? Why doesn't this happen more?

If I've learned anything from blogging it truly is that kind people still exist. I see it everywhere. Bloggers are welcoming, caring, and truly want what's best for one another. Life is not a competition, about who can out write who, it's about supporting each other. 

We constantly leave comments for each other, full of support, love, advice, even a simple smile. And most of us, don't know each other IRL soooo what's the deal here? 

Are bloggers the only one's not afraid to share the kindness? Is it because we're behind a computer screen? Or a phone screen? 

I'll be the first to tell you that sometimes I'm not the nicest person. I don't always do kind things. But I try. I try to go a little bit farther to be kind to the waiter/waitress, the gas station attendant, the grocery bagger. You never know when they're needed a kind word. 

This apples to everyone. You never know when they need a kind word, or a laugh. You never know what they're going through in their day. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Sunday Currently.....

Hello darling! Yesterday, I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and now I have the nagging desire to call everyone darling. It's going to be great! 

Anywho, I though I'd do something a little different this Sunday. I've been seeing Jen doing this for some time, I thought...what the hey! I'll try it. So here I am. 

Linking up with 


 Go click around and read what other people are doing. We know that we all LOVE to nib in other people's lives. It's just want we do. 


Reading....fifth grade how-to writing prompts. They're hysterical! 

Writing.....notes on said papers. What to improve, what they're doing well on, you know.

Listening....Paramore's RIOT! album. I've suddenly become super into it again.

Thinking...about all I need to do today && I need to go get ready for Mass pronto! Scentsy, I think it's Honeymoon or something. 

Wishing....I had some breakfast and that I didn't have cramps cramps. 

Hoping....I can be productive today. I'm really feeling it, so it's looking good. 

Wearing....leggings and a t-shirt. 

Loving....juice.I'm guessing I need some fruit in my life, Juicy Juice was on sale &  it's delicious. 

Wanting...some breakfast. Every Sunday that I'm home I go out to breakfast with my family and then we go to Mass. I'm really missing that this morning. I think I actually just want to be home, rather than the breakfast. Just a few more days. 

Feeling....I little icky. My stomach has been being a big pain in the ass this weekend. I don't understand it. But I'm determined to ignore it and keep going. 

Clicking....through blogs to avoid getting out of my WARM bed.