Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If You Really Knew Me...Part 2

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So, here's part dos. Not that anyone really wants to know about my life, but here it goes. 

My brother and I are 7 years apart. He is honestly, seriously, the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I hated him when he was born and was so mad. But now, he means more to be than anything. He is so wise and funny and I don't know what I'd do without his incessant rude remarks and sarcasm. 

A few years ago I was diagnosed with depression. It was really awful. I cried a lot and didn't really know which way was up. They started me on medication which made me feel like a zombie, so I quit it. Two years later, I don't feel like it will ever completely go away, but things are much better. I still have days that are really really bad, but the good ones outweigh them. I have learned how to cope and what it feels like when I'm starting to have a bad day. 

I'm a natural blonde, but it's going away and it makes me so sad. 

One Halloween, I dressed up as a man with a black eye, Ester dressed up like a vampire and we trick-or-treated at Granny and Papa's house. They live next door....then we went home. 

My parents make fun of me because on every vacation we go on, I fall down..somewhere, somehow. This last summer was the first time I didn't, but I did rip my pants climbing on a wall my mom told me not to climb on...because I'm five. 

I'm incredibly stubborn. All my friends get really pissy about it sometimes. It's really my fault and I know it. 

I went through a few really awful stages. Luckily, my awkward stage only lasted from second grade to junior year of high school. Yeah, I'm kidding about the "luckily" part. The worse stages were when I was in fifth grade and I'd slick back my hair with gel into a really tight pony and then put hair clips on every bump there was. The second was when I refused to my regular waisted pants and my butt crack hung out for a mile. It was pretty signature--now I know, not cute. 

I'm kinda sorta starting to listen to my mom. She's usually right. 

Ummm...that's all I can think of for now. If you're just dying to know more, let me know! 

Until later, 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If You Really Knew Me...Part 1

I realized on Friday that I haven't quite said a lot about myself. Like as in who I am.  I did a little post a month or so ago about what I believe. But who am I really? Over the course of the summer I did a lot of thinking about the same subject. So, here it is.

If you really knew me...

I don't like being called by my first name, Katherine. I love the name because it's from the family. But if you call me Katherine I get confused. It doesn't really fit me and I forget that's my name. 

 I love goofy pictures. Love it. 

I'm incredibly scared of skunks. I had nightmares about them when I was little, and still remember them vividly. Weird. I know. 

I'm mildly shy. Everyone seems to think I'm really outgoing. But I live by "fake it, until you make it" and so, I pretend I'm comfortable. And I usually feel so shy. However, I'm always awkward. Which makes me laugh, usually breaking the ice. 

I care about things a little too much. And I'm completely over sensitive. 

I cry. When I'm mad, sad, happy. It's kinda my thing. 

My guilty pleasure is reality shows. I get sucked in. Especially the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I can't wait for January with Juan Pablo!!

even in a puffy coat-he's amazing. And his accent, mmmmm!

I was the school mascot when I was in sixth grade. A big azzzzzzz eagle costume. With gold tights. I was the bizzzitch. All the boys wanted the milkshake in my yard. 

That brings me to the next point. 

I am lactose intolerant. But, I don't care. I love diary. Except milk. 

I'm obsessed with cows. Obsessed! 

So for now, that's it. I'm sure there will be a Part tomorrow. I'm positive. 

Until later, 

P.S. Today, when I was lighting my candle my nail (acrylic) caught on fire. Don't worry, I'm fine. I blew it out. But I thought it was funny. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Almost Naked Shenanigans

Happy Monday! Can we say that?

I'm counting the hours this week, because I only have four days until I have a full ten days off. And I couldn't be more excited! I stayed at school this weekend, and now I'm really in need of some home time. 

Anyway, it was a pretty successful weekend if I do say so myself.

Let's start with Friday. DUH! I told myself I was going to do so much stuff and get a lot done. Then I didn't. But it's okay because I did....

Re-do my it was more Christmas-sy 
And then I covered my door. Because, well, because I can. 

Then I waited for it to get dark and lit some candles and drank some wine. ANDDDD watched the Polar Express and thought about how much I love children's books and movies. 

And because I know you're dying to wine is my vice. I love it. Especially if it's so sweet it makes you nauseous. Yes. That's it. So when you're buying me gifts, that's the one. Not this particular wine necessarily, just red wine. Reggae Red, maybe? 

Then came Saturday. Let me warn you. Some of these pictures may be slightly......icky and well, just not okay. But I want everyone to know...just...brace yourself. 

Obviously, it started out alright....then at the end of the night (a la 11 p.m.) it was getting pretty real. The almost naked man standing in my room that's Alonzo's best friend. He was about to pull some kind of trick or making fun of me or something funny I'm sure.  Yep. And I'm proud. Steve really makes me chuckle. In fact, he's me, only male and a little bit more wild. But let me tell you even though we went to bed at 11, the night was intense. Lots and lots of amaretto sours and lots and lots of things I don't remember. 

What I do know is we didn't play any card games. And that made me sad, because card games, well they really get me going. I haven't sat down and played a good round of Kings in a long time. I'm thinking that should happen next weekend. So, up for it? You can play with..water. 

Speaking of Ingrid. She sent me the sound of her baby's little heart beat. OH.MY.GOODNESS did I cry!! So sweet and baby like. 

So, I think that's it. At least that's all I can think of while I'm trying to survive a tornado. Yeah, it's not a real tornado, but there was one. In Chicago and they were saying it's coming to me. But it's just a ton of rain and scary winds. I'm feeling a little anxious about it. So, I guess we'll find out if I make it through on Tuesday ;-) 

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Until later, 

Friday, November 15, 2013


I'm so fraaakking excited!! I hopped on Tales of a Twenty Something (one of my favorite blogs!) and it was a Christmas miracle!! She and a couple other bloggers are hosting a true  Secret Santa!! As you know, I'm so excited about Christmas I can hardly contain myself, so duuuuhhhh I signed right up. 


If you're interested, click on the image above and the gals have it all planned out with dates and the whole bit which really pleased my OCD to plan EVERYTHING! 

Now, about this diet/cleanse. Wellll I gave up on the whole food a day thing. I had horrible headaches, I was starved and felt miserable. I hardly had enough energy to run. It was awful. And if I want to be a good little teacher I need tons and tons of energy. So I'm just eating health-fully. Except for last night, it was the Fall Bizarre at the school. Don't worry, I have pictures. 

I scarfed down the turkey dinner and completely forgot to take a picture of the delicious turkey, stuffing, cranberries, corn and mashed potatoes. MMMMM!! Can I say delicious?!?! I don't think I could say it enough!! Emily, Colby, Matt and myself were just thrilled!! So, this was our dessert! So delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Okay, I'll stop! 

Emily and Colby 

& Matt and myself. 
Then there was the cutest Christmas tree ever! I must re-create!! 

On a side note, I'm very excited for the weekend! Alonzo is coming to visit Saturday and I can't wait! There will be pictures and I'm sure shenanigans will occur. We're just too crazy for them not to. 

Also, I want to give a quick little rant. So, as most of you know I'm going to be/am a teacher. I get licensed in May and I'm so excited! I have passed all of the required tests (that cost about $500 total) and am so close to being done with schooling. Then yesterday happened. The state has decided (because they're big jerk faces) that graduates of May 2014 must take this brand new test, that has not been issued and won't be issued until February 2014. I don't know if anyone knows, but that leaves 2 months for us to take this test--that is if they get is launched in time. And the Lord knows that probably won't happen. So, I'm a little honked off that I have to pay $114 more to pay for a test that they are sure about yet. 

After stewing about it all night and day, I've finally come to a conclusion that I just have to suck it up and taken the frrakking test and move on. Soon enough I'll have a class full of beautiful students and we can learn so so so much! 

Speaking of my students...

Today I am thankful students. I have a classroom full of 13 fifth graders and I couldn't be more blessed. When I walk into morning assembly they yell and beg for me to sit with them and not the teachers and it just breaks my little heart. They are the little light that makes my week bright and somehow through the sass make me laugh so hard I cry. I have so much fun and couldn't be more thankful to have them as my "first class". God really had a plan for me when I got the grade I DIDN'T want for student teaching. It just goes to show there truly is a reason for everything. 

Now lets #backthatazzup with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work!! 

Now I know this song may be a bit annoying, but I just can't get over it. I know she's naked on a wrecking ball which is totally gross, but seriously I'm obsessed, not with the nakedness, just her. She's spunky. I like it. There's something about her voice. It's like the dang Hannah Montana movie when she confesses she's really not Hannah. I think it's like Best of Both Worlds, or something. Not only do I cry because it's so emotional, but that song gets me. So, enjoy! 


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just Some Ramblings...

Day 2. 

Let's talk about can the vegetable day be easier than the fruit day?! Hello!! I'm thinking that the potato made it better, but really? I was even more starving and grumpy the first day. 

Don't you worry your pretty striped head, I'm gonna get you back to Tyson in your cozy tiger bed your pretty little head I was a good little blogger and took some fancy photos. And for those of you that know me, I hate butter, but you'll notice that the potato has butter. I NEEDED TASTE, and the directions said I could. Also, I put about three pounds of pepper on these veggies,but they were so good. I also didn't eat all of them. Sooo, I only had like 1.5 pounds of pepper. Don't worry!  

Anyway. There is not a whole lot of excited-ness going on in my life other than one professor expecting us to do a million and five things at one time. It's a real pain in the azz if you ask me. So, I'll leave you with...

I am thankful for heat and candles....same thing right?  Sorta. I'm so so so very thankful that we have heat because let me tell you my baby gap hands (I have uber small hands) get really cold this time of year...and the heat feels glorious. And candles because they make things smell good and what girl doesn't love things smelling good?!?! Anyway, I know kinda a pathetic thing to be thankful for, but its so dang true. 

Until later, 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ohhhh Ester...

Day 1 of the said diet/workout regimen has been completed. It wasn't horrible. I made it the entire day only eating fruit, but let me tell you, I really wanted some bread! Like bad! Thank goodness for Naked juice. That stuff rocks! Towards the end of the day however, I kinda turned into a grouch monster.

Yes, I was a like a vampire. Gained super strength and freaked out. Except not really. But I was about as moody as a vampire. That was such an odd statement. 

At any rate we made it through the night and now it's day 2 and all vegetables. I might do better at this day &&&& I get a potato! I'm pumped! 

Put some transition here......
I have no brain this morning. None. But I really wanted to show a video of Ester. She had no idea that I took the video, but it's fantastic! We watched Grease the other night while we were taking our little shotty-shots. 

(This is also what I'm thankful for....) Now, I love this video not only because it's one of my very best friends and makes me laugh bust a gut. But because you can see how at heart we're still the 12-year-old version of ourselves. This night we did things that adults do, like order dinner out, drink, and go shop. But at the end of the night we came home, giggled, and watched a movie. Exactly like we used to. And we passed out at 10:30. I am so thankful to have been so blessed as to have Ester for 18 years. She has stuck by me all this time. It's great to have grown-up together, celebrate Christmas Eve's together, and I could go on and on. When Ester and I are together it brings out the child in us, and we are able to be the whole-hearted, uninhibited version of ourselves. Thank you Ester. I can't wait for many more years to come. 
 These were in the days of bad hair and really bad fashion choices...mostly on my part. Although these are NOT our worse pictures. 
Also, rally bad facial expressions. 

Obviously, we look much better. MUCH MUCH BETTER! 

Until later, 

Monday, November 11, 2013

As Promised....

As I referenced, I am starting a new little diet/workout regimen today. And it's started. And it sucks. But it will pay off, hopefully!! 

Soooooooo....this is what I'm doing. 

So far today I've done well. Water and tangerines. 

My running schedule is going to be as followed: 

November 11-13: .5 miles
November 14-19 (18--rest day): 1 mile
November 20-26: 1.5 miles 
November 27-December 2- 2miles 
December 3-December 9 (Dec. 8--rest day): 2.5 miles 
December 10-December 16: 3 miles 

Then, sign-up for a 5K. That's the plan. And I'm sticking to it. 

So now for the good stuff!! 

I had my first red cup of the season. And Groupon had an awesome offer! $5 for a $10 gift card! HOLLA!!!! A delicious peppermint mocha made my weekend! Now, that's all I want. 

Then, I met up with Ester. And we found this bottle of wine that made me think of something dirty, so she took a picture. 

And then the Christmas Wonderland

Can I tell you how pumped I was?!?! LOVE Christmas and candy canes. 

We decided to do shots of pepper mint schnapps. This meant we squirted chocolate syrup into our mouths and then took the shot. It was delicious. And mess. 

I got the chocolate EVERYWHERE. My hair included. Which meant that my hair turned into a candy bar. Sick! 

This is what I looked like after a three shots and Ester after like ten million. Obviously, I lost my champ-ness. And I'm not complaining. Going to bed at 10:30 was awesome. 
More to come on the weekend. It was wayyyy too full of shenanigans. 

Until later, 

Sami's Shenanigans